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Buy 5 and get the 6th one FREE!  The Burton Bulb™ The premier vintage Edison style LED bulb from Burton Lighting, Inc. This decorative bulb features high quality light and a spiral LED strip design that gives a realistic vintage look compared to other LED bulbs that use straight LED segments . The Burton Bulb™ creates beautiful high-end lighting suitable for film, theaters, bars/restaurants, businesses, and homes.

This high-quality bulb solves the problems of poor color, excess flicker, and inability to dim that you find in older versions of LED bulbs. The Burton Bulb™ itself is beautiful to look at. It also emits beautiful light, equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, with a warm and inviting glow, and will save you money on energy costs since the LED bulbs are 75%-80% more energy efficient.

*** 6 Pack of Burton Bulbs Only. Fixture is not included. ***

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The Burton BulbTM – Neo-Vintage is an Edison style LED decorative light bulb. This lightbulb contains 100 light emitting diode flip-chips on a 130mm flexible substrate bent in a spiral to give the natural look of the incandescent filaments in traditional Edison Bulbs.  Buy 5 and get one bulb FREE!

These LED’s are phosphorous doped to increase the color rendering index value to a standard level for film and HD television. The phosphorous is slightly frosted to eliminate the harsh, sharp light given off by a LED. In addition, there are multiple reflections of the filament strip inside the bulb, so it creates an extremely realistic look. 

Other LED Edison / Vintage style bulbs on the market use straight LED segments which look very “fake” compared to the real incandescent Edison bulb look.  Compare the Burton BulbTM to other LED Edison bulbs, and the huge improvement in realistic appearance and quality of the light is immediately obvious.

This vintage-style bulb produces a warm 2200 Kelvin color and light output similar to a 25W incandescent bulb. So, these bulbs are not meant for task lighting where you want bright light.  Instead, these bulbs are fantastic for creating mellow area lighting, mood lighting, or in decorative sconces and fixtures where the bulb shows. 

As LED bulbs become more ubiquitous for home lighting, we always hear claims of the very long lifespan of LED bulbs.  However, many people find that the LED bulbs may not last nearly as long as advertised.  The reason for that is NOT that the LED’s burn out.  The problem is usually that the electronics in the bulb are made as cheaply as possible, and it is these electronics that causing flickering issues and failures.

However, the Burton BulbTM is designed with high quality electronics to help alleviate these problems.  All electrical components that convert alternating current to direct current have been designed to fit into a base that assembles easily with the outer glass envelope. Due to the engineering we put into the electronics, we have virtually eliminated both visible and high frequency (subliminal) flickering.  An additional benefit is that these bulbs are dimmable and will work with almost any style of dimmer switch, not just dimmers specially designed to dim LED bulbs.


  • 85~265V 5 Watt 2200K 50/60HZ, 40W Lumen Output
  • IP20 Water Resistant
  • 100pcs LED flip-chip on 130mm substrate
  • True Color Dimming capabilities
  • Spiral Filament, ST64 outer bulb
  • Cap/Base: 26-27mm ES/E27 Type: Screw in
  • Lifespan: 25 Years/3 hours per day
  • Dimensions: Length 143mm (5.62 inches) x Depth 64mm (2.51 inches)
  • Weight: 43 grams


With the designer and consumer market trending towards Vintage Edison decorative incandescent light bulbs, this creates a problem with efficiency. Burton Lighting Inc. solves that problem by merging the “look” of vintage bulbs, with the efficiency of LED technology.

Vintage Edison lightbulbs are even less efficient than newer household bulbs producing only 6% light to 94% heat. Burton LED Vintage light bulbs are 6 times more efficient than Vintage Edison incandescent, and 5 times more efficient than newer incandescent. Burton Lighting Inc. customers can take advantage of using less energy, less heat, and get vintage style bulb with LED efficiency, but with a realistic look that other LED bulbs – with straight LED segments – just don’t offer.

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