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Trends in lighting, LED lighting adaptations, LED vintage decorative light bulbOur mission at Burton Lighting Inc. is to innovate vintage decorative LED light bulbs with warm, soft light that is beautiful to look at and looks beautiful on film. Burton Lighting Inc. focuses its efforts on developing a pleasant experience for our customers by creating a pleasant lighting environment, which will become standard in the lighting industry over time.

Trends in lighting are leaning towards a more “vintage” look and feel, going back to the old Edison days from the beginning of the century. With The Burton Bulb, not only can you achieve that look, but you also get to take advantage of the experience that high-quality lighting offers. Vintage-look LEDs are the wave of the future.

The LED revolution has made a huge impact over the last several years, however the choices offered by competitors are limited with poor quality. Have you ever been annoyed by LED lights? They are hard bluish-green flickering lights that are painful to look at. The flicker, also called the “stroboscopic effect,” is produced by the 1st generation of LEDs and can have a negative impact on brain function. Research and data has yet to be completely released as to the amount of damage caused by the stroboscopic effect.

In the past, consumers have had to sacrifice quality to be energy conscious. Burton Lighting Inc. has the answer. The Burton Bulb changes the quality of LED light, and upholds the “look” people love from vintage decorative incandescent light.

The future is bright with Burton Lighting Inc. Our product is versatile and crosses over to many applications including theatre, film, HD television, commercial and personal. We strive to be a leader in the lighting industry by creating the first high quality LED vintage decorative light bulb. We focus on quality of light and color rendering index values. The Burton Bulb can be used in restaurants, homes, hotels, theaters, film sets, or wherever there are opportunities for the “look” of vintage lighting. Our product creates an accurate simulation of a vintage incandescent filament, in color and feel.

In the future, as energy prices rise, so will the demand for energy efficient lighting. The Burton Bulb already provides an energy savings of 75%, and lasts longer as it is guaranteed for 25,000 hours! This will be key as the cost of energy increases over the years.