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Burton Lighting is the premier company dedicated to provide unique and high quality decorative lighting solutions for Film Lighting, Venue Lighting and Restaurant Ambiance Lighting

Our customers include bar and restaurant owners looking for energy efficient vintage lighting options to provide the proper atmosphere in the club or restaurant.  Wedding planners and party planners also appreciate the vintage charm and appeal these bulbs have to offer. And of course, these vintage style bulbs are great LED lighting solutions for homes.

Film Lighting, Venue Lighting and Restaurant Ambiance LightingThe Burton BulbTM is an Edison style LED decorative light bulb. This light bulb contains 100 light emitting diode flip-chips on a 130mm flexible substrate bent in a spiral to give the true vintage look of the incandescent filaments in traditional Edison Bulbs.

These LED’s are phosphorous doped to increase the color rendering index value to a standard level for film and HD television. The phosphorous is slightly frosted to eliminate the harsh, sharp light given off by a LED. In addition, there are multiple reflections of the filament strip inside the bulb, so it creates an extremely realistic look. 


  • Spiral LED Filament looks like a vintage filament
  • Phosphorous coating softens the light to eliminate glare
  • True Color Dimming Capabilities
  • Elegant & Sophisticated Neo-Vintage Style
  • High Quality Electronics for Flickerless LED Technology™
  • 75% Less Power, Low Heat, Long Life Span

Other LED Edison / Vintage style bulbs on the market use straight LED segments which look very “fake” compared to the real incandescent Edison bulb look.  Compare the Burton BulbTM to other LED Edison bulbs, and the huge improvement in realistic appearance and quality of the light is immediately obvious.

This vintage-style bulb produces a warm 2200 Kelvin color and light output similar to a 25W incandescent bulb. So these bulbs are fantastic for creating mellow area lighting, mood lighting, or in decorative sconces and fixtures where the bulb shows. 

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