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Burton Vargas-Chambers, founder and owner of Burton Lighting, noticed that there was a gap in the LED lighting industry. Over the course of more than twenty years of working as a gaffer in the film and television industries, Burton became an expert in creating emotion with lighting, and he realized that something needed to be done to improve the quality of vintage LED light bulbs. The LED revolution had come, yet the bulbs on the market still lacked in quality. He noticed poor quality in color, the inability to dim properly, and the high amount of flicker.

Burton also knew of the potential health problems derived from exposure to this older LED technology. People can experience adverse side effects caused by the stroboscopic effect of the flicker emitted by traditional LED bulbs, especially those who have a higher sensitivity to light. They can suffer from various health problems including headaches, migraines, eye strain, and eye discomfort.

Out of necessity, Burton has dedicated his life to creating beautiful LED solutions. He came up with a business plan and an engineering idea to improve upon vintage looking LED bulbs. Burton has created a new 2nd generation of vintage-look bulbs that produce a flickerless light, look amazing, and save energy! The Burton Bulb is the only bulb on the market that addresses the quality issues of the 1st generation LEDs currently on the market.

About Burton Vargas-Chambers

Burton Vargas-Chambers is the founding owner of Burton Lighting Inc. and The Burton Bulb. He completed his BS in Media Arts in 1995 and has over twenty years of experience in the film and lighting industry. During this time, Burton followed the trends of incandescent and LED products, and noticed there was room for improvement with the quality of vintage-looking LED bulbs. Out of necessity, because of a gap in the market, Burton Vargas-Chambers founded Burton Lighting Inc. and is dedicated to solving quality issues with vintage LEDs. Burton cares about quality, and his goal is to give his customers an “experience.”