Local restaurants convert to dimmable flicker-less LEDs from Burton Lighting

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Local restaurants convert to dimmable flicker-less LEDs from Burton Lighting

Innovative Dimmable and Flicker-less LED lighting saves money and encourages repeat restaurant business by providing a subliminally appealing atmosphere that welcomes customers to feel more comfortable and return for future business.

1 out of every 10 new restaurants are using exposed filament Edison lightbulbs to create a more welcoming ambiance in their dining area. These restaurants average 15-25 bulbs to achieve the desired atmosphere. Switching to LED lighting can save hundreds of dollars annually. Running 20 LEDs for 12 hours will save a business owner $600.00 a year. But switching to cheaply manufactured LEDs with dimming and flicker issues and harsher light values may be triggering second thoughts in customers.

Recently, Restaurant and bar owners are discovering an inexpensive way to improve the lighting design of their establishments. By switching from traditional LED bulbs – with their harsh lighting and high frequency flicker – to Burton Lighting Edison style LED bulbs, they can create an atmosphere that draws more repeat business. Customers find a relaxing setting to enjoy their food, and the improved lighting quality makes the bar or restaurant feel more welcoming and comfortable.

In some cases, to achieve a higher table turn over, franchise restaurant owners use bright and flashy lights to persuade their customers to “eat and go”. Now that LEDs are so popular, owners may be inadvertently providing this kind of ambience without expressly meaning to do so.

The thinking that restaurant lighting design needs to flood the dining area with as much light as possible is a thing of the past. This trend is reflected in the increasing prevalence of exposed bulb light fixtures.

Now some restaurant owners make a smart initial investment to save on power costs in the long run and some may also feel the drive to be friendlier to the environment. Most people don’t realize that there really is a big difference between different brands of LED bulbs. But establishments like Flores Mexican restaurant, Rico’s Tacos, Super Duper Burger and other restaurants in the San Francisco bay area have been early test cases for Burton Lighting Inc.

Their experience shows the benefits of using Burton Bulbs in any type of business that wants to create an appealing atmosphere that makes their customers feel comfortable and motivates those patrons to come back again. Upgrading to Burton Bulbs is the most inexpensive and effective way to enhance the atmosphere of any business.

When exposed bulb fixtures are used with the typical LED “Edison style” bulbs, the bulbs commonly have 4 straight filament sections which do not look at all authentic. In addition, they are so bright and glaring; it can literally be blinding to look at them.

This can create the effect of making customers want to hurry up and leave. This problem can be even worse if dimmers are placed on those LED bulbs because many brands will have a low frequency flicker that is even more annoying than the high frequency flicker typical in most LED bulbs.

Savvy restaurant owners have completely changed the ambience in their restaurant simply by switching the lightbulbs in their fixtures to Burton Lighting LEDs. The Burton Bulbs use specially designed higher quality electronics to “fill” the peaks and valleys in AC power which is what causes normal LED bulbs to flicker at high frequency. In addition, Burton Bulbs use a spiral LED filament which creates a look very much like a traditional Edison bulb, but without heat and high energy consumption. In addition, the Burton Bulb LEDs are doped with phosphorus to soften the light and eliminate the glare you get from other LED bulbs. The superior electronics also mean that the color stays consistent as the bulb is dimmed.

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