Burton Bulbs lighting up Rico’s Tacos

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Burton Bulbs lighting up Rico’s Tacos

I walk by the same stores on my way to the market everyday, and one day I noticed the Subway was gone, and after a quick remodel and paint job, a new place was ready to open.  I was thrilled to see that it was not going to be another franchise chain, and that it was becoming a family owned Mexican restaurant taqueria called Rico’s Tacos. 

When Rico’s Tacos opened, the first thing I noticed ( of course) was the lighting.  They had replaced the sterile office lighting of the former Subway with a beautiful chandelier and wall sconce to help change the ambience and feel of the location.  The owner seemed busy starting his restaurant, and he had purchased LED Edison bulbs in an effort to “keep the room big and bright”. 

The LED Edison bulbs he chose were very bright and painful! I had convinced myself that this restaurant would benefit from The Burton Bulb and decided to walk in 15 minutes before they opened one morning. I asked to meet the owner.  I told him that I would love to do an experiment and replace all the bulbs in the chandelier with Burton Bulbs, just for one night.  I told him that if he didn’t like them I would come in the next day to put back his original bulbs.  If he liked them, I told him he could keep them for free, simply for agreeing to take part in this experiment. 

He seemed hesitant, and asked me what I wanted in return. I smiled and assured him I was only looking to connect as small business owners and help each other out. I told him I wanted to tell this story to show potential customers the before and after pictures to help them create a warm and inviting ambience for their own restaurants. 

Rico’s Tacos in Oakland was to become the first family dining lighting experiment for The Burton Bulb, a perfect example of how entrepreneurs can help each other in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Needless to say, he loved the new Burton Bulbs and noticed it “created a different feeling” in his restaurant.  He bought more bulbs so that all the light bulbs in his restaurant match. The ambience in the restaurant has been improved and business is doing great!  A warmer glow from the chandelier creates a space that naturally encourages patrons to linger, enjoy and relax.  One customer described the restaurant as “cozy” and is looking forward to coming back. Cozy seems like the perfect word to describe the ambience created by the Burton Bulb.

Rico’s Tacos is thriving! The food is amazing and the word is getting out because there is a line out the door every night!

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