Restaurateurs Use Burton Lighting to create an ambience that draws customers back

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Restaurateurs Use Burton Lighting to create an ambience that draws customers back

Flickerless LED Lighting is causing a stir among restaurant owners and retailers, as Burton Bulbs create a subliminally appealing atmosphere and help make businesses more alluring and inviting, increasing customer enjoyment and repeat business. Corte Madera Town Center in Marin County, CA is becoming a demonstration space for this innovative new ambiance in retail with multiple business owners in the shopping center utilizing Burton Bulbs to create a more appealing atmosphere for their clients.

Burton Lighting heighten your ambiance with vintage style LED Edison lighting and flickerless technologyRecognizing the trend toward the Edison bare bulb look, Burton Lighting has launched a new line of LEDs that mimics the old Edison incandescent filament in appearance, but with ultra-modern technology within the bulb itself. The Burton Bulb is an Edison style LED decorative light bulb unique in its flickerless technology, and consumers are noticing. The Burton Bulb contains light emitting diode flip-chips on a  flexible substrate bent in a spiral to give the true vintage look of the incandescent filaments in traditional Edison Bulbs.  Special attention was paid to the design of the electronics to eliminate the high frequency flicker in normal LED bulbs and provide the ability to dim the bulbs while they maintain true color.

These LEDs are phosphorous doped to increase the color rendering index value to a standard level for film and HD television, great for creating ambiance. The bulb is slightly frosted to eliminate the harsh, sharp light given off by other LEDs. In addition, there are multiple reflections of the filament strip inside the bulb, so it creates an extremely realistic and historically accurate look.

Most Edison-style LED bulbs use 4 straight LED filaments which do not look “vintage,” and they produce harsh and painfully bright light, creating a rather unpleasant experience in bare-bulb lighting fixtures.  In addition, most typical LED bulbs have a high frequency flicker which is not visible to the naked eye, but studies have shown that sensitive people can have negative reactions (like headaches and discomfort) due to this flickering.  

There are numerous studies about restaurant design and how to help turn tables faster.  That’s why fast food restaurants have garish colors and harsh lighting.  However, restaurants and bars that want customers to have a superior experience that draw them back are discovering the importance of quality lighting and a welcoming environment with appealing lighting.

The Burton Bulb is being used in restaurants and businesses to create a welcoming atmosphere which subliminally projects the feeling of a quality venue.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that by using appealing lighting solutions such as the Burton Bulb, customers of restaurants and bars may visit more often because the experience at that establishment “just feels right”. 

Recent examples of establishments using the Burton Bulb include Super Duper Burger which has several locations in the San Francisco bay area, a Mall in Marin County and Flores Mexican Restaurant in Corte Madera, CA. The designers of these restaurants and retail spaces realized that the quality of lighting they wanted was not available from traditional LED lighting which tends to be much harsher, glaring, and suffers from high frequency flicker. With lighting designed to soothe and relax customers and encourage them to linger and enjoy their experience, the owners are already seeing repeat customers steadily increase.

Burton Bulbs are available are energy efficient and available in 3 watt or 5 watt configurations which have light output similar to a 25 watt or 40 watt incandescent bulb.

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