Focus on quality of lighting boosting lighting design innovations

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Focus on quality of lighting boosting lighting design innovations

Lighting enthusiasts focus on quality of lighting over glaring 4-filament type bulbs, boosting lighting design innovators into the forefront of the industry. Flickerless LED Lighting is causing a stir among lighting enthusiasts and savvy consumers, as home and retail settings alike seek higher quality lighting options coming from new innovative lighting technology designers. 

Burton Lighting patio lighting using The Burton Bulb for patio ambiance lightingHarsh flickering LED lighting can cause eye strain and headaches in sensitive individuals. Multiple studies have indicated strong possibilities of short term and long term stress on the human brain caused by conventional, low quality LED lighting. As consumers become more conscious of the effects of flickering, low-quality LEDs, discerning consumers seek out innovative lighting technology designers who can provide a truly Flickerless LED without the eye strain drawbacks of conventional inexpensive and mass-produced light bulbs.

The trend toward the Edison bare bulb look has launched a new line of LEDs that mimics the old Edison incandescent filament in appearance, but with ultra-modern technology within the bulb itself. The Burton Bulb is an Edison style LED decorative light bulb unique in its singular technology, and consumers are noticing. This particular bulb, unique in the lighting industry, contains 100 light emitting diode flip-chips on a 130mm flexible substrate bent in a spiral to give the true vintage look of the incandescent filaments in traditional Edison Bulbs.             

These LEDs are phosphorous doped to increase the color rendering index value to a standard level for film and HD television. The phosphorous is slightly frosted to eliminate the harsh, sharp light given off by other LEDs. In addition, there are multiple reflections of the filament strip inside the bulb, so it creates an extremely realistic and historically accurate look.

Most modern LED lighting is harsh and painfully bright, negatively affecting the quality of life experience of those living in that environment. But consumers are becoming aware of the part that lighting plays on eye strain, and starting to take simple steps to address the quality of lighting in homes, work spaces and retail settings.

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