The LED revolution is here, and it’s here to stay!

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The LED revolution is here, and it’s here to stay!

Customers were eager to get rid of their flickering fluorescents and upgrade into the future with LED light bulbs.  But, unfortunately, one of the main reasons we hated CFL’s is still an issue in LEDs. Flicker, both visible and invisible.  I believe for this reason customers have reverted back to using old incandescent light bulbs.  Counting on 100 year old technology isn’t the answer, but if we want to stay healthy and sane in the future, we have to ask ourselves, what is flicker and why is it bad for us, and how do we avoid it.

How do we avoid flickering LED’s?What is flicker?

All electric lighting is powered by an alternating current supply(AC), which makes the bulbs continually dim and then brighten again at a very fast rate.  Unlike incandescent filament bulbs, and to a lesser extent fluorescent bulbs, LEDs don’t just dim but effectively turn off and on completely, causing a stroboscopic effect.  Just like the old strobe light from the 70’s. 

There are two types of flicker, visible and invisible flicker. 
Visible flicker, like the old strobe light from the 70’s was fun and “trippy” to see how it affected our brains and eyes.  But if I stood in it for to long I would become disorientated and nauseous and long term exposure was not recommended.  The LEDs on the market right now have visible flicker when dimmed. 

Anything flickering above 100Hz is considered invisible flicker. 
This flicker is more dangerous because it is subliminal and the effects to the brain are rarely noticed and cause a host of short term and long term diseases including dizziness, headaches, impaired thought, dementia, and may even induce epilepsy.  The LEDs on the market right now have invisible flicker and flicker between 200-400 times a second. 

Big lighting companies don’t care about our long term health effects, they care about selling us the cheapest bulb they can get away with. 

Cheaper components means visible flicker when dimmed and a constant invisible flicker effecting our eyes and brains while we try to work, or eat or relax.

How do we avoid flickering LEDs?

The trick to avoiding flicker and the effect on the human brain is to buy lighting that specifically addresses both the visible and invisible flicker.  The Burton Bulb(TM) is your answer, and works with any dimmer with no visible flicker. 

Burton Lighting Inc. has spent years designing and engineering Flicker-Less LEDs that addresses stroboscopic flicker by utilizing integrated circuits and valley fill capacitors.  The LED current is regulated to provide superior efficiency, reliability, and a power factor correction that illuminates visible flicker during dimming and reduces the amount of invisible flicker to minimal amounts.

The Burton Bulb is an elegant lighting solution to the problems plaguing the LED lighting industry. New Flicker-less LEDs provide a solution!

Burton Lighting Inc. provides high quality electronic components and Flicker-less LED Technology(TM) that is completely dimmable and creates an atmosphere that is more healthy for humans and feels more natural to hang out in!

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