The Premier LED Lighting Solution

//The Premier LED Lighting Solution

The Premier LED Lighting Solution

January 23, 2018 – Oakland, CA – Today, Burton Lighting, the premier Neo-Vintage LED lighting company, launches The Burton BulbTM on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The Burton BulbTM is the only vintage LED lightbulb that has True Color Dimming and Flickerless LED TechnologyTM. Designer and consumer markets are trending towards Vintage Edison decorative incandescent light bulbs, and The Burton BulbTM provides an energy efficient solution utilizing LED technology and high-quality features, while achieving the soft warm glow of traditional vintage incandescent bulbs.

“Vintage Edison-style lighting design trends continue to grow in popularity,” explains Burton Vargas-Chambers, Founder and CEO of Burton Lighting. “As a result, interior designers have been forced to compromise with high energy costs and high heat to achieve their nostalgic, vintage look. This has left homeowners, restauranteurs, hoteliers, and many others with high electricity bills.”

This product is extremely versatile and crosses over to many applications including theater, film, HD television, commercial, and personal use. The high-quality bulb solves the problems of poor color, excess flicker, and an inability to dim that you find in older versions of LED bulbs.

After two years of design and testing, The Burton BulbTM is ready to change the lighting industry and usher in a new era of LED technology. Burton Vargas-Chambers has poured his creativity, resources, and time into this project and funding from the Kickstarter campaign will ensure that the next phase of manufacturing at high volumes can be achieved and take his business to next level.

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About Burton Lighting

Burton Lighting Inc is the premier company dedicated to providing unique and high quality decorative LED lighting solutions. Founder and owner, Burton Vargas-Chambers, has been in the film and TV industry for more than twenty years and decided he would solve the quality issues that come with LED lighting. The Burton Bulb™ “Changes the look of LED Lighting” with less flicker, better color, and the ability to dim. These modern LED light bulbs have the look and feel of old Vintage Edison incandescent bulbs, while being energy efficient. The Burton Bulb™ is the only bulb on the market that address the quality issues from previous generations of LED vintage lightbulbs.

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