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The Burton Bulb

January 16, 2018 – Oakland, CA – Burton Lighting, the premier LED lighting company, has announced today the release of their debut product, The Burton BulbTM. This Neo-Vintage, Edison style LED bulb features high-quality light and a design that surpasses the competition. The Burton Bulb is currently available online at and orders will be shipped immediately.

Suitable for film, theaters, bars/restaurants, businesses, and homes, Burton Lighting has created an elegant, energy efficient lighting solution that crosses over to a variety of applications. As energy prices rise, so too will the demand for energy efficient lighting. With energy savings of 75%-85%, when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, The Burton Bulb is the natural choice for anyone looking to add unmatched lighting quality with incredible energy efficiency to their interior space.

“Over the course of more than 20 years of working in film and television, I realized that something needed to be done to improve the quality and design of antique looking LED lightbulbs.” Explains Burton Vargas-Chambers, Founder and CEO. “The Burton Bulb was born out of necessity. Older versions of LED bulbs do not have the ability to dim, they have poor quality of color, and they have a high amount of flicker. The Burton Bulb is the only Vintage LED bulb that addresses and solves all of the issues of older LED options.”

As lighting trends continue to shift towards a more vintage look, many have been forced to compromise high energy costs and high heat to achieve their nostalgic vintage look. The Burton Bulb not only achieves the soft, warm glow and vintage look of their incandescent Edison counterparts, they produce beautiful flickerless light with all the cost-saving efficiency of LED technology.

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About Burton Lighting

Burton Lighting® is the premier company dedicated to providing unique and high quality decorative LED lighting solutions. Founder and owner, Burton Vargas-Chambers, has been in the film and TV industry for more than twenty years and decided he would solve the quality issues that come with LED lighting. The Burton Bulb™ is the only bulb on the market that address the quality issues from previous generations of LED vintage lightbulbs and creates an unbeatable experience on film, in homes and restaurants, and anywhere that can benefit from a beautiful glow.

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