High-Quality Neo-vintage LED Bulbs

//High-Quality Neo-vintage LED Bulbs

High-Quality Neo-vintage LED Bulbs

Vintage Edison Style LED light bulbJanuary 9, 2018 – Oakland, CA – Burton Lighting, a brand new, premier LED lighting company, designs and creates high-quality, Neo-vintage bulbs that solve the quality issues from the previous generation of LED bulbs. Company Founder and CEO, Burton Vargas-Chambers, became an expert in lighting while working in the film and television industries for more than twenty years and noticed there was a gap in the market of Neo-vintage LED lighting. Out of necessity, Burton engineered a new, more superior LED lightbulb and created The Burton BulbTM.

“I have dedicated myself over the past several years to engineering an LED bulb that casts a warm, soft light, that is beautiful to gaze at,” says Vargas-Chambers. “The LED revolution has come, yet the vintage bulbs on the market still lack quality. The Burton Bulb provides bulbs that offer Flickerless LED TechnologyTM and True Color Dimming capabilities. Customers can be Eco-friendly with the energy-saving benefits of LED, and at the same time be ‘on trend’ with the look of vintage incandescent lighting.”

Based in Oakland, CA, Burton Lighting distinguishes itself in the market by being a boutique company that delivers higher quality design and product features. The company creates lighting that is suitable for film and theaters and flexible for many spaces including restaurants, bars, businesses, and homes. Burton Lighting solutions provide an elegant Neo-vintage style, while providing all the energy savings offered by LED technology.

Burton Lighting solutions also aim to solve the health concerns associated with exposure to flickering LED light. Many people suffer adverse side effects like headaches and eye strain, due to the “stroboscopic effect” of first generation LED lights. The Burton Bulb addresses this effect with its “Flickerless LED Technology™.”

“My company is built on the principle of ‘creating an experience’ with high quality lighting, while focusing on the health of our customers,” says Vargas-Chambers. “Big companies have tried to save money and skimped on the quality. Our bulbs create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance with a steady stream of light. They are versatile, energy-saving, and emulate the vintage Edison incandescent bulbs.”

About Burton Lighting

Burton Lighting® is the premier company dedicated to providing unique and high quality decorative LED lighting solutions. Founder and owner, Burton Vargas-Chambers, has been in the film and TV industry for more than twenty years and decided he would solve the quality issues that come with LED lighting. The Burton Bulb™ “Changes the look of LED Lighting” with less flicker, better color, and the ability to dim. These modern LED light bulbs have the look and feel of old Vintage Edison incandescent bulbs, while being energy efficient. The Burton Bulb™ is the only bulb on the market that address the quality issues from previous generations of LED vintage lightbulbs and creates an unbeatable experience on film, in homes and restaurants, and anywhere that can benefit from a beautiful glow. Please visit www.burtonlighting.com for more information.

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